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  • End yo-yo dieting for good!

    Ever wished dieting could be as easy as drinking a glass of milk? Well, now it can be!

    “SlimSticks”, a powdered substance made from natural palm and oat oils, has already been proven to control the body’s appetite control mechanism for up to eight hours, helping dieters to eat less, feel fuller for longer, manage calorie intake, and more importantly, lose weight. And after having been launched in the UK this week, there is now no excuse not to try it.

    Speaking to Hospital Choices, Franco Beer, Managing Director of Inovate Health, the company responsible for creating the product said: “Our product is here to aid weight loss-it’s not a magic pill, but an aid to lower calories in diet. We feel that by taking our SlimSticks, which have no adverse side affects, in an easy to use sachet, you stop thinking about food.”

    Success stories

    And he seems to be right.  47-year old Roger Grey from South-West London, who previously weighed 18.5 stone, has already lost just over a stone after being on the SlimSticks diet for just three weeks.

    “Before, I tended to eat more,” he says. “I’d have a big breakfast, a small lunch and then eat too much at dinner – even having seconds. But now, SlimSticks has taken my mind off food, so I don’t pick and snack. And I find I’m not as hungry as I used to be.”

    18-year old nursery nurse, Jessica Gray, from Bath, also decided to try the new craze after struggling with her weight for the last three years. “I decided to give it a go because I didn’t want to do any mad diets that would make me ill”, she explained. “I need all my strength and energy for running around after the children.”

    In just three weeks, she’s already dropped a dress size, having lost 8 pounds. “When I’m taking SlimSticks I don’t eat as much”, she beams. “I no longer eat until I’m really stuffed. I stop when I feel satisfied and I’m fuller for longer after I’ve eaten.”

    Science behind the miracle

    But what is the science behind the ‘miracle’? Mr Beer explains:

    “The actual emulsion of the product goes down into the lower part of the intestine, and basically sends signals to your brain saying ‘I’ve still got fat there, I’m still quite full’, so hopefully avoiding those two Hobnobs at 11o’clock. It’s a natural process-in the same way as if you’ve had a really big meal. Lots of studies have been done, and we think there’s a place in the market for it.”

    Originally a chef, Mr Beer took his love of food development to set up his own business to make healthy snacks. On becoming interested in weight management, he started working with Dutch ingredient developing company, DSM, who created ‘Fabuless’, the natural product contained in SlimSticks. “I came across this new ingredient which I thought was really interesting”, Mr Beer says. “I liked the fact that it’s natural and that it doesn’t have any side effects.”

    Global Market Development Manager of Fabuless, Jorgen Quick, is extremely proud of what they have achieved. “It has been shown in our clinical trials that after having taken Fabuless that people have eaten up to 30% less”, he claims. “A consistent, significant effect.”

    Dr Jason Halford, Reader in Appetite and Obesity at the University of Liverpool, said: “The only effective way to lose weight and to keep it off is to change your lifestyle by changing dietary habits and increase daily activity.  Even so, many people find weight loss difficult and weight regain a problem. Here there is a role for products with proven health benefits that help control appetite without diminishing the enjoyment of eating.”

    Already causing a stir in America as “SlimShots”, SlimSticks will be going into over 1000 Lloyds pharmacies in the UK from November 2nd, with plans to go into wider distribution into the new year.

    For more information, visit their website at

    Not convinced? Hospital Choices will be testing SlimShots over a two-week period, with an honest review in time for when it goes on sale.

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